technicoll® 9601

Activator for technicoll® cyanoacrylates

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Product description

Product designation

Use technicoll® 9601 in order to increase the curing of cyanoacrylates, in case a very fast initial strength is necessary. Cyanoacrylate adhesive does not always cure in „a matter of seconds“.

technicoll® 9601 only has an accelerating effect and does not improve the adhesive strength of substrates hard to bond.


Spray the accelerator before bonding on one side of the substrates to be bond. After the solvent has evaporated apply cyanoacrylate on the other side. Then join both substrates accurately. It is very important to place the substrates correctly in the first place, because the curing happens so quickly no correction is possible after.

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technicoll® 9601

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