technicoll® 9508

Odourless and non-blooming cyanoacrylate adhesive

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Product description

Product designation

technicoll® 9508 is a cyanoacrylate for bonding small-area good matching substrates. The product is low-viscous and can be used for many applications.

Special characteristics

technicoll® 9508 is odourless and non-blooming. The phenomenon of blooming in most cases is a white discoloration of the joint substrates right at the edge of the joint. It may appear when bonding with cyanoacrylates.

Favoured substrates

Plastics, rubber (also EPDM, cellular rubber), metal, ceramic, polyoefine (PE, PP), thermoset elastomer (TPE) or polyoxymethylen (POM) only in combination with technicoll® 9605-1


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