Klebstoffe für Sealants

technicoll® 4306


technicoll® 4400 (Tube)

Zur Abdichtung und Versiegelung der Stoßfugen von Küchenarbeitsplatten

technicoll® 9111

Plastics adhesive, adhesive agent, seam sealing (alternative to technicoll® L 402)

technicoll® 9464

2-component epoxy adhesive, resistant to temperature and chemicals

technicoll® 9481

Multipurpose 2-component sealing compound, self-levelling and thixotropic

technicoll® 9700

Powerful 1-component hybrid-adhesive for application indoor and outdoor

technicoll® 9721

Leistungsstarker 2-K Hybrid-Klebstoff

technicoll® 9732

technicoll® 9732

Silicone adhesive sealant

technicoll® 9827

Anaerobic thread locking / gasket, removable

technicoll® 9869

Mulitfunctional product for sealing, locking and attaching

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