technicoll® 9700

Powerful 1-component hybrid-adhesive for application indoor and outdoor

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Product description

Product designation

technicoll® 9700 is a hybrid adhesive and sealant to use with tension compensative adhesions, which is exposed to dynamical load. The product has a very high mechanical strength and therefore a high strength notch resistance, tensile strength and tear growth resistance.


Tested by ISEGA (Declaration of harmlessness for sealing in companies processing foodstuff) ISEGA Certificate technicoll® 9700

Special characteristics

Elastic, for tension compensative adhesions, high notch strength, tensile strength and growth resistance, fast curing also when lamination strength is high, compatible, almost odourless, high resistance against chemicals and temperature, free of isocyanates, solvents and silicone, high resistance to weather influences, ageing and UV-light.

Example of use

Bodywork and automotive construction, climate control and ventilation technology, metal and apparatus construction, ship, wagon and container building, timber construction, industrialized construction as well as for shop fittings / stair construction.

Favoured substrates

Aluminum (blanc, anodized), stainless steel, brass, copper, zinc coated iron, glass, derived timber products, ceramic, brick, floor tiles, polyurethane, PVC-unplasticised, epoxy resin, painted, coated surfaces


technicoll® 9700

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