technicoll® 9412

Multifunctional, viscoplastic, 2- component MMA structural adhesive, steady, fast curing

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Product description

Product designation

Use technicoll® 9412 for a primer less adhesion of different kinds of substrates, e.g. composite, many thermoplastics, metals and coated surfaces.  

Special characteristics of the product


  • Fast curing and handling strength, fast conveying speed possible
  • High resistance to temperature, ageing and media
  • Gap-filling
  • Little pretreatment of the surface necessary
  • High flexibility, peel strength and high strength at breaking point
  • No sagging on vertical surfaces



Favoured substrates

Metal, concrete, artificial stone, stone, natural stone, thermoplastic polymers: PMMA, ABS, PA, PS, PVC-unplasticized, PUR, PET, PC, derived timber products, thermosets (GRP, CRP, SMC), ceramic, rubber, epoxides, polyesters


This product cures very fast and has a short pot life. If the adhesive is applied with breaks in between, which last longer than the pot life, we suggest having a sufficient amount of mixing nozzles on hand.

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