technicoll® 8344

Multifunctional, paste like and fast curing 1-component PUR adhesive

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Product description

Product Designation

technicoll® 8344 is a multifunctional, paste-like and fast curing adhesive for assembly bonding of all different kinds. Moisture hardens technicoll® 8344, and therefore foams gap filling. It fulfills the requirements according to DIN EN 204-D4 for humidity-resistant adhesion of derived timber products.

Example of use

Bonding powder varnished sheet steel used for powder varnished sheathing on flat radiators, bonding abrasive wheels on metal cores, doweled and mortised joint of painted wooden window frames, PVC-unplasticized profile / GRP profile (industrial door)

Favoured Substrates

Metal sheets (aluminum, zinc coated steel, stainless steel), painted, primed metals and other primed surfaces, thermosets like GRP (EP, UP), SMC, HPL, DKS, thermoplastic polymers like ABS, SAN, PS, PA, PVC, PC and PMMA (non-transparent), derived timber products, cement bonded materials, rigid foams made of PS, PUR, PVC and many others


technicoll® 8344

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