technicoll® 8324

1-component-PUR adhesive, moisture cross-linked, for sandwich bonding, good plastic bonding

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Product description

Product designation

technicoll® 8324 is a liquid, well processible adhesive with a long open time. It is especially suitable for sandwich-bonding of rigid foam with all different kinds of coating, but also for other combinations. Moisture hardens technicoll® 8324, and therefore foams gap filling. The gap is flexible-elastic, tack free and has a foam structure.

Example of use

Assembly bonding with cores of rigid foams (PS, PUR, PVC), conversion coating made of sheet metal, GRP, derived timber products, gypsum cardboard and gypsum fiberboard or cement bonded materials, Styropor®/Stryopor® - bonding in model making, apply on one side as a solvent free alternative to solvent containing contact adhesives.

Favoured substrates

Metal sheets (aluminum, zinc coated steel, stainless steel), painted and coated metals and other coated surfaces, thermosets like GRP, SMC, HPL, DKS, thermoplastic polymers like ABS, SAN, PS, PVC, PC and PMMA (non-transparent), derived timber products, gypsum cardboard and gypsum fiberboard, cement bonded materials, rigid foams made of PS, PUR, PVC and many more.

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