technicoll® 8266/8267

Paste-like 2-component epoxy adhesive

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Product description

Field of application

Use technicoll® 8266/8267 for bonding metals, ceramics, thermosets, rubber, derived timber products and rigid foam.

Favoured substrates

Metals - blank, ceramics, stone, concrete, rubber, thermosets (FRP, SMC), phenoplastics (HPL, DKS), rigid foams, derived timber products



technical features

[Translate to English:] Epoxidharz

Mixing ratio
[Translate to English:] 100:100 (Volumenteile) 100:85 (Gewichtsteile)

[Translate to English:] pastös/standfest

Pot life
[Translate to English:] 70 Minuten (100 g)

[Translate to English:] beigerot

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