technicoll® 8033

Adhesive for laminating, resistant to plastics

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Product description


Use technicoll® 8033 for bonding PVC-foils and foam foils, plastics like plasticized and unplasticized PVC, flexible foam, rigid foam, paperboard, paper, photos, fabrics, leather, felt, wood (also wood containing oil like teak). At least one substrate of the ones to bond has to be porous and permeable of water and steam. The joint gap is colourless, odourless and resistant against plasticizer, heat, cold, ageing and also resistant against water, fuel and oil for a short time.

Favoured substrates

PVC-unplastizied and plasticized, polystyrene, flexible foam, rigid foam, paperboard, felt, paper, photos, fabrics, leather, wood (also wood containing oil)

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technicoll® 8033

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