technicoll® 108

Cold welding compound for bonding polycarbonate (PC)

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Product description

Product Designation

Low-viscous, clear solvent-based adhesive – especially for T-joints and small areas of PC (Makrolon®). Generally, a sawed or milled edge of one substrate is being bond at right angles with the original surface of another substrate. Substrates that will be bonded must fit accurately because small gaps will not be filled. Dip the edge of one adherend in technicoll® 108. After 5 to 10 seconds of etching the surface, the joint components should be assembled and furthermore clamped or fix the substrates without adherent and fill up the seam of the joint components with technicoll® 108 by using a bottle with attached canula. By capillary action, the adhesive will not fill out the bonding seam regularly or deeply.

Adhesive can also be used for PVC-bonds.

Until the end of 2000, this product was distributed under the trade name Acrifix 108.

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technicoll® 108

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