Solvent based adhesives

technicoll® 8002

Plastic adhesive, PVC-adhesive

technicoll® 8008

Multifunctional plastics adhesive

technicoll® 8044

Transparent contact adhesive

technicoll® 8053

Contact adhesive, high resistance to heat

technicoll® 8055

Contact adhesive

technicoll® 8058

Contact adhesive with high initial strength

technicoll® 8061

Contact adhesive, sprayable

technicoll® 8150

Contact adhesive, sprayable

technicoll® 8153

Contact adhesive for rigid foam material of PS (polystyrene)

technicoll® 9107/9108

technicoll® 9107/9108

2-component PUR-adhesive for manufacturing brushes

technicoll® 9110

Contact adhesive for planar adhesion of plastics hard to bond, like PE + PP with each other and with many different substrates

technicoll® 9111

Plastics adhesive, adhesive agent, seam sealing (alternative to technicoll® L 402)

technicoll® 9117

1- or 2-component contact adhesive, transparent

technicoll® 9118


technicoll® 9119

Multipurpose spray adhesive with precise spray pattern

technicoll® 9129 (Alternative zu technicoll® 8127-1)

Multipurpose adhesive, sprayable, red

technicoll® 9145

Sprayable 2-component contact adhesive for many different plastics, also for bonding plasticised materials