Klebstoffe für Dilution / cleaning

technicoll® 8362

Solvent for adhesives based on polyurethane and synthetic resin solution

technicoll® 8363

Special solvent and cleaner for solvent based adhesives based on SBR, e.g. polystyrene adhesive

technicoll® 8367

Dilution and cleaner for solvent based contact adhesives based on polychloroprene

technicoll® 9602

Cleaner and remover for technicoll® cyanoacrylates

technicoll® 9901

Metal cleaning spray, solvent based cleaner for blank metals and solvent insensitive substrates

technicoll® 9902

Plastics cleaning spray, special, solvent based cleaner for plastics and solvent sensitive substrates and surfaces

technicoll® 9920

Solvent for ace resin adhesives and ace resin solvent based on acetone

technicoll® 9922

Dilution and cleaner for polyurethane adhesives